Music Box - Peksi Merak Inlay 18 not (Gold) - Lagu Bengawan Solo


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Inspired with the ardor of Javanese tradition and culture upheld by Solo, Peksi Merak Music Box is a collaboration between Kriya Nusantara and Nidec Sankyo Japan to commemorate the heritages of Solo. For the design of the box, the pattern of peksi merak is applied as its ornament. The pattern consists of the contours of flowers and peacocks standing side by side in tranquility, representing the beauty of Indonesian nature. To evoke the ambience of Solo, the music box plays the notes of “Bengawan Solo” (“Solo River”), a song that portrays Bengawan River in a longing way, by the virtuoso Gesang Martohartono who is highly admired by Indonesian and Japanese.


Informasi Tambahan

Berat 0,995 kg

• Wibalin Maroon
• 16 x 16 x 8.2 cm
• MDF, Veneer, Brass
• PUWB, Crystal coat
• Bengawan Solo 18 Not