Music Box - Manuk Dadali (S) - Lagu Manuk Dadali


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This music box uses the decoration “Kembang Terompet” by displaying the figure of Garuda or what is also called Manuk Dadali in Sundanese, this motif is found on batik cloth from the Cirebon area of ​​West Java. The song “Manuk Dadali” contains lyrics that breathe nationalism, this Sundanese-language song was created by Sambas Mangundikarta which was popular in 1960. Kriya Nusantara and Nidec Sankyo Japan collaborated to present them in creative, aesthetic and innovative work in this music box.


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Weight 1,81 kg

• Wibalin Maroon
• 16 x 16 x 8.2 cm
• MDF, Veneer, Brass
• PUWB, Crystal coat
• Manuk Dadali 18 Not