Music Box - Molucan Classic (M) - Lagu Rasa Sayange


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Find your inner strength and enlightening wisdom from Moluccan’s legacy. With parang salawaku ornamentation, Moluccan Harmony evokes the sense of timeless repose that brings balance to your life. Moluccans are renowned for their courage and we are proud to echo the same bravery that they have into our product. For the design of the box, Moluccan Harmony uses the same ornament that is painted on parang salawaku, a Moluccan traditional weapon that represents courage and justice. The music box is also embellished with a decorative design that is inspired by cloves, aromatic flower buds originated from Molucca Island. To harmonize the design of the box with Moluccan traditional value, we use the arrangement of “Rasa Sayange”, a Moluccan traditional song, that expresses love and affection.


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Weight 1,81 kg

• Wibalin Maroon
• 16 x 26.5 x 8.2 cm
• MDF, Veneer, Brass
• PUWB, Crystal coat
• Rasa sayange 18 Not