Music Box - Prada Bali (S) - Janger Bali


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This Music Box uses a “Prada Fabric” decoration. Prada cloth is a fabric that has flora and fauna motifs and has a function that is no less important for Balinese people. In the past, this cloth was very popular with the aristocracy in Bali, because it had a luxurious color character. Whereas now, Prada fabrics are widely used as dance costumes. The song “Janger Bali” originates from traditional agrarian culture. Farmers in Bali like to sing both independently and in groups, to entertain themselves and relieve fatigue when working or harvesting. Through a music box collaboration between Kriya Nusantara and Nidec Sankyo Japan, the song “Janger Bali” appears more charming in its aesthetic and innovative creative work.


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Weight 1,81 kg

• Wibalin Maroon
• 16 x 16 x 8.2 cm
• MDF, Veneer, Brass
• PUWB, Crystal coat
• Janger Bali 18 Not